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Simply put, no; an ECU Remap performed by Diesel Tuning Brisbane will not void your factory warranty.

WHY: The calibrations and tuning processes used at Diesel Tuning Brisbane will not cause detriment to the hardware of your vehicle. The research and developement conducted by professional tuning techncians at Diesel Tuning Brisbane ensures that optimum performance and economy are obtained with respect to optimal cylinder pressures, combustion temperatures and turbocharger speeds with optimal air density.  DTB are proud to report a 0% comeback rate from our tuning. Diesel Tuning Brisbane also work in collaboration with OEM’s and Dealerships, often on a consultancy basis to determine the cause of failure from poor tuning practices, therfore being provided with access to OEM level tehcnical data to ensure our tuning is non-compromising to your powertrain. Simply put, that our tuning is “safe” for your vehicle. 

Why does my dealer tell me this?

Dealerships must maintain a parellel cohesion with the OEM to maintain their dealer agreement, which means following corporate guidelines. Once your vehicle ECU calirbtion is altered, it is no longer the OEM calibration file, therefore the OEM is no longer responsible for detriments caused by incrrect calirbations. 

A modern Diesel vehicle contains hundreds of sensors which instant feedback to the ECU in some cases hundreds of times per second.

The ECU almost instantly reacts to feedback from the sensors adjusting turbocharger behaviour fuel injection volumes, fuel injection timing, fuel injection quantity, air metering, exhaust gas recirculation and many others to meet the drivers demand and suit the driving environment.

A sensor reading instantly causes an action of your engine. The operating principles built into your ECU file is what actions a tune will change.

In order to achieve enhanced performance and efficiency, alterations can be made to Torque Modelling, Turbocharger Boost and VNT Control, Injection Volumes, Injection Timing, Fuel Pressure, and Sensor Scalings.

What maps and values are changed is a matter of consideration for the ECU strategry, drivers request, intended purpose for the vehicle, road safety and environmental factors. 

You probably can, but what are you actually getting?

What do you mean?

Companies that offer “ECU Remapping” at discounted, or very low rates are not safe. It is important as a consumer, that you must understand cheaper work is not better, and better work is not cheaper. Flashing of pre-purhcased files is increasingly popular and often have many problems from drivabilty problems, to dire powertrain damage. Diesel Tuning Brisbane are repairing and re-tuning many vehicles on a weekly basis that have experienced these issues. 

It usually improves!

WHY: With more torque on demand and greater thermal efficiency of the engine, your vehicle requires less throttle to accelerate and maintain the same cruising speed, meaning that less fuel is needed throughout the combustion process. Diesel Tuning Brisbane ECU remap will typically see fuel savings ranging from 5% to 15% for most models.



Tuning is not illegal in Australia, however, there is a distinct difference between “emissions conscious” and “emissions compliant” tuning. 

Not all tuning is ADR79/04 compliant, regardless of aftertreatment and pollution reduction devices that are fitted to vehicles for global emissiosn compliance. This does not mean you should remove them for more performance. Diesel Tuning Brisbane advise against the removal of emissions control and emissions aftertreatment devices for reasons of environmental impacts, road safety, insurabilty and roadworthy compliance. 


 Your Diesel Tuning Brisbane ECU Remap includes a complimentary factory backup and restore at your request. 

*Once Free Of Charge*

External “Plug’nPlay” Chips can be unreliable and risky simply because they cheat the ECU by giving false readings of feedback values from various engine sensors. It is in such a way that the ECU will add more fuel, more boost pressure or more fuel rail pressure. Because of this, a false reading of a simple engine sensor could ultimately lead to turbocharger or engine or general powertrain failure.

Diesel Tuning Brisbane have tuned thousands of vehicles and not one vehicle has been damaged to date as a result of tuing.

We believe that a professional ECU Remap will help your engine to live longer and operate more efficiently.

We recommend following a consistant maintenance schedule by servicing your vheicle every 10,000km or every 6 months (whicher comes first). Alternatively, at least maintain what is outlined indicated in your manufacturer’s logbook. Diesel Tuning Brisbane also offer complete logbook servicing.

If you notice a performance change or a different engine noise, please schedule a n inspection for your vehicle.

Sometimes, but not in 99% of cases.

In rare cases, exotic vheicles or complex ECU’s it can be advisable to make a full backup of the ECU for safety or in the event a restore is required. This may involve removal of your ECU and working on the Bench, oftentimes just with special conenctors, but wihtout openign the EDU.

Diesel Tuning Brisbane have every available leading tool for tuning and programming available on the marketplace. Often, a plug via your OBD (Diagnostic socket) or even a wireless connection can be used for programming, leaving no physcial traces.

Digital footprints can often also be corrected by professional tuners and tools (such as CVN, Flash Memory Counters and PMI).